Why Internet Marketing is Better than Print or Media Marketing?

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In this digital age, where everything has become online, even the marketing of business is better here. For a business to bloom, its presence in the Internet is very much necessary. With people moving from newspapers to online blogs for news, it is always wise to market nowadays in the internet as more people are over here and the chances of them noticing is bigger. Let us see a few points that could suggest Internet Marketing is better than Print Marketing

1.    Mobility – Nowadays, it is not necessary that one has to sit in front of the computer to access the Internet. With the evolution of smart phones, tablets, laptops, I pad’s etc Internet is available anywhere and everywhere. Everyone is always connected and using technology. Hence marketing in internet is better as the probability of one checking the internet on his phones or laptops is more than him reading the newspaper.

2.    A Global Reach – The reach of the brand name through Internet Marketing is higher. If we use the Print Marketing, the news paper is sold in only one particular locality, city or country. But if we put it on the Internet, it can be seen and accessed anyone across the globe. Hence chances of selling the product are high.

3.    Measurable Outcomes – If we use the Internet and put an ad up on it, we can measure and see how many people have visited and checked out the product which is not possible in the print medium.  We can calculate the traffic on the site, ranking on internet etc through this mode of reaching people.

4.    Cost Effective – In the internet marketing, we are charged only if the user clicks and checks out the website when it is displayed on the screen. Hence it is more cost effective than the print media where one is charged to appear on the newspaper, and also we do not know how many actually accessed it and knew it. Through the number of clicks, we can also know how many visited the site and the traffic.

5.    Targeted Audience – In Internet we could find people who are looking for the service provided by our company and we could target and market the product only to them. Hence, the probability of making them our customer is higher when compared to ads in newspaper where it is not possible.

Hence, these are the some of the advantages of Internet Marketing over Print marketing and in this age of technology, it is not wise to skip Internet Marketing. However, if you are opting for internet marketing, then you can check in with the “Online prestige Management”, who provides you tremendous online marketing services New York.



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